Patron Survey Results

Middlebury Public Library December 2015 Survey Results:

The Middlebury Public Library conducted a ten question survey during the month of December 2015.  The survey was made available on paper in the library and electronically via the Middlebury Public Library’s website.  The purpose of the survey was to find out if the Middlebury Public Library is fulfilling its mission statement, “to provide information, resources, and services that educate, enlighten, entertain and inspire our community to learn at every age,” what can be done to continue this vison and what areas need to be adjusted.  The number of surveys answered constitutes that this survey can be considered an accurate sampling of the Middlebury Public Library’s users.

A total of 251 surveys were completed. Presently, the Middlebury Public Library has 3,000 active library card users. The questions on the survey had to do with the libraries resources and programs. An area for additional comments was included.  Overall results were positive.  The Middlebury Public Library and its staff are friendly and helpful. One patron wrote, “Her favorite place to go in Middlebury”.

Statistics from the survey show that Middlebury Public Library (MPL) is used primarily by residents.  It is interesting to note that 15% of patrons do not live in Middlebury.  60% of the surveys stated they use other libraries besides MPL.  The top three responses why other libraries are used includes; material isn’t available on shelf, ease of access to that library, and the other library’s hours are different from MPL’s.

The materials that patrons check out the most are; new books, adult fiction/nonfiction, DVDs children books, audio books and teen fiction.  These are also the areas that people would like to see increased, specifically, more audio books and more than one copy of bestsellers.  Families would like to see the children’s area continue to grow and expand and patrons would like to see an increase in DVDs.

The other top services Middlebury Public Library patrons say they enjoy include; the reading area, computer stations, library programs, and the photocopy machine.  Since the renovation, study rooms and the café are favorite places for our patrons. Having free Wi-Fi and a quiet place to study is critical to our patrons on-line learning and studying. It would be an added benefit to our users if they had the ability to bring drinks into study rooms and also have longer hours for the rooms to be open.

Patrons learn about the library’s events and programs though the staff, calendar, displays and word of mouth. Our calendar is posted in-house and on our website.

Patrons are happy with our selection of programming but would like to see more food demonstrations, book groups, author talks and travel/ history lectures.  There were a variety of suggestions for other programs including cultural events, such as music and plays, and lectures on how to stay safe and healthy in the current times. Health seems to resonate among the surveys.  Suggestions from the survey will be considered for future programming.

The Larkin room appears to be a popular location to host lectures due to its newly renovated space along with its surround sound system and kitchenette.

In conclusion, the Middlebury Public Library remains an inviting and friendly atmosphere. Public libraries must remain open to all and free of charge.  There were some negative comments concerning the interlibrary loan system offered by the Connecticut State Library, which the state library is working on rectifying, and library fines.